9 comments on “Happy Place

  1. Sure looks like a Happy Place to forget about those pesky things, annoying people in life. Love the desert. It’s so beautiful and tranquil. Hope we can go there for a photo walk when I get back on my feet.

    Make a Great Day Mike. 🙂

  2. That is definately a happy place – it should be printed in LARGE and framed! I love the road (leading line), foreground and background all in focus, the color of the sky and (OMG!) those dramatic clouds are the icing on the cake. This is a winner. Now, where is this happy place located? I think I might want to live there. LOL

    • Thanks – that is the desert country in north-central Washington State. The closest town was probably Coulee City which was about 25 miles southwest from there. This is one of the cool things about Washington State – within a day’s drive you can see mountains, desert, oceans, lakes, and rainforest.

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