7 comments on “Where do I go?

  1. I suggest is up I25 to Fort Collins,287 to Laramie, WY and go 130 through Centennial over the Snowy range (usually open by this tim of year) (Lake Marie) into Saratoga. Then up to I80. Love your work.
    WYO native now in Pullman WA

  2. I have almost zero experience of the landscape between Dallas and Seattle although I did find the Wichita Mountains a pretty little area when I was there just last Saturday 🙂 Have a great trip, I envy your opportunity!

  3. Northern NM has some well kept secret gems. Hwy 518 from Las Vegas to Taos has some really pretty areas, hwy 434 and hwy 64 out of Angel Fire will lead you in different directions to some high spots, hwy 522 from Taos to the Colorado border will also lead you to some places that may tickle your lenses. And hwy 150 out of Taos will take you though a little town called Arroyo Seco up to Taos Ski Valley also has some fine views. (that one actually ends in the ski valley so you’ll have to track back)

  4. Fantastic news! Look forward to having you move back here. I guess we both discovered that the grass isn’t always greener somewhere else when we have everything here in the Pacific Northwest.

    Don’t know about the routes from Dallas to Seattle. When I moved back from Arizona, I took hwy 93 from Las Vegas to hwy 84 through Idaho. It winds through part of Eastern Oregon and Washington. hwy 93 winds through The Great Basin National Park in Nevada; very desolate and obscure but nevertheless, beautiful. Hwy 84 was very hilly and steep but the views were absolutely amazing especially near the state borders. Umatilla National Forest. I then connect to hwy 82 and 90 for the rest of the way to Seattle.

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