3 comments on “Panorama – Bighorn Mountain View

  1. Beautiful scene; love those big poofy clouds! Did you handhold this shot? I hand hold panos a lot; it’s fun. The more frames the better 🙂 I love extreme panos. Problems (however not noticeable until you zoom in) arise when you pan too quickly and your shutter speed is not high enough. The frames stitch together well and good, but there are noticeable lines between the slightly blurred and crisp frames. This happens to me all the time. If capturing handheld, shooting manual mode with a shutter speed of 1/250 or higher is key. Using a tripod and taking your time is a best practice I suppose, but I rarely drag my tripod out of its case unless I am shooting at night.

    • Thanks. This one was shot handheld. That’s how I go if I have a well lit scene, morning or evening I will go with tripod or monopod.

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