6 comments on “Tau = Three

  1. I may not get to “like” or comment on your images but thank you and know that you are a constant source of inspiration to me and so many others. Keep roaming and shooting! Thanks and congrats:) EE

  2. I would suggest the Boise Valley and the mountains, rivers, deserts and scenic wonders and recreational opportunities that are at your doorstep here. Fairly mild weather and not much
    humidity. You would enjoy it.

  3. Congratulations and best wishes for your 4th year. In the Spring, I’m headed back out west again and like you, not sure exactly where yet. It’s been time for a awhile. Some areas I’m thinking about are southwestern Colorado, near Chaco in N.M. and Mount Shasta area in northern CA. It will be fun to re-visit these and other places. Love your photographs and blog and look forward to your posts!

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