8 comments on “Montantelope

  1. Thought you were kidding! Antelopes in Montana? I never heard of! But of course this has been no fake… The pronghorn antelopes are the only American antelopes I think?
    I never stop to learn! 😉

    • I’n not an antelope expert but I have seen plenty of them around the western U.S. From the classic American song “Home on the Range” – “Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope play…” This one wasn’t very playful but it was nice to see him.

      • Classic American folksongs are not a field that I feel familiar with… 😉
        But I’ve seen so many documentations of the north American Fauna in TV. With elks, deers, mooses, bears, coyotes, woolfs, beavers, eagles, and so on… they never mentioned antelopes! They seem to be common, aren’t they… ?

  2. The Pronghorn is often called, but isn’t really, an antelope. Fantastic shot. It’s refreshing to see a photo where the main subject is part of its environment and not filling the frame.

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