8 comments on “End of the Road

    • Thanks. No filters were used. Those places can be scary – one time I walked up to a place in worse shape than this one and a guy was still living there!

      • I love the red filter in B&W for its ability to draw out the contrast in clouds that gorgeous.

        I was taking pictures (with permission, of bobcat tracks) in a field just north of Lake Nimrod, and was confronted by the very large bull that lived there.

        I think I would have done more than just wet my pants if I stumbled into someone living out in the boonies. : )


  1. Love all your photos. I have a rather strange / morbid fascination with all things abandoned. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks. Not done with the blog yet. Will keep going as long as I enjoy it (and I do) and I keep producing photos that I think are worth sharing.

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