4 comments on “Out of Service

  1. Love this photo. That car looks just right, feels like it was parked and time passed by taking with it the passengers who arrived in it.

  2. I really like this picture. It reminds me of Fallout with an abandoned building and old car (sorry I don’t know the model or anything). There is a BBQ place in my town built in a gas station that’s pretty good.

    I asked this a few months ago when it was cold out. But could you take a picture for me of Oklahoma landscape of long straight highway? I can’t for the life of me find any

    • Thanks – there are more than a few places in West Texas that look like scenes from Fallout. I will get an Oklahoma road shot for you soon if I don’t find one in my unpublished shots from the past few trips.

  3. I too like this picture. So many contradictions in life. I think the car maybe a 1947 to 1949 Chevy. It looks in much better shape than the station. I hope the owner didn’t park it there waiting for the station to open and get service.

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