23 comments on “Montana Abandoned Farmhouse – Two Ways

  1. Love the B&W. Try cropping it so it looks like a panorama, by cutting off some of the grass in the foreground – it might make the composition even more powerful, because the house will be not in the center, but at 1/3 of the height of the picture. That’ll emphasize the sky, which is very dramatic and much more interesting than the foreground.

    • A good suggestion. I liked the full frame composition because, to me, it makes the house look a bit lost in a sea of grass.

  2. The weeds come up great in colour, and that makes colour worth it, for the narrative.



  3. Prefer B&W for the more focus on the house, but also would crop to make it not too straight in the middle…
    Greetings, Ron.

  4. For my two cents, I prefer the color. Both are amazing, I would have cropped more to the left, strictly cause I’m right eye dominate, but that’s my flaw.

  5. Basically, as I see things in colour, I can imagine myself there more and can feel the stillness of the undisturbed country with the heat from the blazing sun.

  6. Beautiful photo! I love them both. I think I like the color a little more because for me, it captures the contrast of the faded building against the vibrant colors of the field and sky. Gorgeous capture!

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