13 comments on “New Mexico Evening Road

    • Thanks. I’ll try to include more information on future posts. This was shot in southwestern New Mexico, along route 152 through the Mimbres Mountains. It was shot with a Nikon D800 and a Nikkor 24-70mm lens. It is an HDR image so it was a combination of 3 exposures.

    • Thanks – point taken on the processing. I generally try to keep a natural look, but shooting at around sunrise and twilight usually requires some extra post-processing and you’re always at risk for using a bit too much.

  1. Absolutely stunning… I also agree with another commenter about the equipment used for the shot. Thanks for the info and I also love your photos and that I can see them so large… I feel like I’m in the landscape.

  2. Beautiful shot, Mike. Love the composition of the long and empty winding road through the landscape. Looks like you are putting on quite a few miles on Ripply and Wanda is doing her job guiding you to amazing places. ; ) Too bad we couldn’t meet up. Maybe one of these days if you make your way back up to the pacific northwest…

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