9 comments on “What I Learned in 2012

  1. Thanks for sharing your shots with us, both your favorites and the ones for others eyes. Like your reflection piece, taking the time to enjoy the past and take with you those things learned. Have a great 2013 capturing images of beauty and thoughtfulness.

  2. And here I thought I was the only one who relied on jerky to get through the road trips. And I have to agree with sylvia and you – why do they always like the ones I don’t? Good blog Mike. Looking forward to riding along with you in 2013. Happy New Year!

  3. When I drove a truck for a living, my mother would tell me, “We always stop where the truckers stop, they know where the best food is.” Which kind of humored me, we stopped where the PARKING WAS GOOD it had nothing to do with the food.

    Great post.


  4. It’s a pleasure to see all of your shots, whether people “like” them or they don’t. Looking forward to some more great work!

  5. 1 and 2, completely agree/understand. High time I hit the road for some exploring of my own; no place as beautiful as the South West for me personally. I guess being from the East of England, opposites attract! Love the photos, especially of anything South Western or abandoned/creepy.

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