6 comments on “Dry Falls – Panorama

  1. Dry Falls, is this outside Goose Lake in Washington? It looks a lot like an area of the Grand Coulee. Fascinating geological history to that region, how this was formed in all.


      • I thought so Mike, very interesting area of the northwest, we were up there about five years ago I guess it was. All that was formed when a huge ice dam in Idaho let loose and all the water came cascading down thru the area on its path to the Pacific Ocean.

        Really interesting locale, we spent the better part of a week there.

        Thanks, it now set to my desktop which is where a lot of your photo’s usually end up …. I will look at it from time to time and wish for cheap diesel.


  2. I was going to ask about the geology of the place, good thing i read the comments first, what an interesting place, nice shot too

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