8 comments on “High Road 3

  1. Love this photo, especially the cloud that seems to be hovering right above the spot you may find yourself in at the end of the road, gives me something of a “when you think you’ve finally made it, it’ll rain on your parade” kind of vibe. 🙂
    Obviously, that’s just me, but brilliant capture in any case!

  2. I love this pic! Would you mind if I used it as the background to a slide in a series of talks I’m doing, as well as in the ads I’m making to advertise the series?

  3. Your photography is beautiful, and I love this picture, in any case, I was wondering if
    A.) I could use this photo (I would credit you if I were to use it)
    and B.) If so, is there a colored version of this picture?
    Thank you very much. c:

  4. Hello, I would be interested in purchasing this photograph (High Road 3) for a client. Would this be possible? If so, please contact me directly and we can discuss details.

    Many thanks,

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