5 comments on “Watching the Watchers

  1. Wow….really? Was the parking a public facility? Wow … that is interesting.

    OMG….looks at the photo you took…they are looking right at you too! It is an interesting shot.

  2. In a public place you could tell him to mind his own business, but better to say sorry you didn’t know and walk off with the picture in the bag and a smile.
    Keep taking the pictures.

    • I agree. Part of me wanted to put up a fight, but I decided to quietly exit. I have read about some security guards and police who will try to confiscate your equipment in situations like this. Sad but true.

      • In the UK the police can confiscate your equipment if they have reason to think you are using it to commit a crime, they are not allowed to delete your photos, that is considered theft of your property.

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