4 comments on “Green Scene

  1. Hi Mike. I noticed you changed your camera tag to D800. I’ve been considering ordering one. What are your thoughts on it? Do you love it? Why did you choose the D800 vs. the D 800E? Would love to hear your perspective.

    • I am very happy with the D800 so far. Great image quality and it’s a joy to shoot with. Even though it has more features and a somewhat different control layout from my D7000 I found that it felt very natural and even on the first shoot I was able to relax and concentrate on what I was shooting. I’m sure I have only scratched the surface of what it can do. Some of the unprocessed straight-out-of-the-camera shots have looked better than processed shots from my D7000. I have mostly been pairing it with the 24-70mm Nikkor lens and they are a great combination. As far as D800 vs D800E I just didn’t see the need for the 800E for what I shoot. Ken Rockwell’s review confirmed what I was thinking. http://kenrockwell.com/nikon/d800/vs-d800e.htm

      • Thanks for the feedback!!! So glad you are happy with it. I have the D300S now and have always had good success with it, but am looking forward to the D800 for the higher ISO capabilities. Enjoy!

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