12 comments on “Oklahoma Tracks

  1. Jane, could I use this photo? I will give you credit and all that, I sure would like to share it with others on my website.

    Incredible shot.


    • I have been called many names over the years, but I think Jane is a new one. 😉

      You have permission, I greatly appreciate you asking, and I will send you an email for your records.

      Thx – Mike

      • I apologize, it was the first comment, and I misread it. Your photo’s are spectacular and I see we have crossed paths along the way. Some have an uncanny familiarities to them, I have been to a lot of locations that you have been to.

        Copped a subscription and will follow you and see what you are up to. If I bootleg one of your photo’s I will give you full credit and a link, we have a pretty good following, should bring you some traffic.

        You are doing a cracker jack job.


  2. I love this shot Mike! It makes me just want to start walking…. ok, maybe I’m supposed to take the train, but, unless you sit on the front, you can’t see the same view…so it’ll have to be a walk.

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