7 comments on “Flaming Gorge 3

    • Thanks. I shoot RAW, each exposure is 4,928 x 3,264 resolution. After cropping this panorama was 17,359 x 4811 pixels.

      • Cool! Do you have an email address I can contact you privately at? I’ve got few more questions and I am also interested in buying some of your RAW files for my art. Thank you!

      • Hi again Mike. Are you interested in selling your images at all? I would really appreciate your answer. I am a matte painter and need hi-res parts of landscapes for my current project. If you are not interested please let me know.

      • Hi Natalie. I do sell images, mostly prints through my smugmug site – http://mikerob.smugmug.com/

        I will email you – sure we can work something out for full resolution digital copies.

        You might want to check the smugmug site out if you have not done so already – it has some photos that were not posted to Tau Zero.

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