3 comments on “Montana Moooorning

  1. A good panorama. Pardon me. If I may give an opinion, the cow on the left looks distracting. It may be better to crop that and make the cow out of frame so it’d be more balanced with those two cows in the centre of the frame. Please, excuse my argumentation. But true, this picture looks cool for the blue and green view.

    • I appreciate your opinions – always like feedback on my work. I cropped the photo both ways, and in the end there was just something about that third cow off to the side that I liked. So I let her have her 15 seconds of internet fame. 🙂

  2. For a ‘simple’ picture, this is strangely effective for me – I think the thing I like about it is the way all the colours compliment each other; the gradual shading from blue to green from the sky, through the mountains to the grass, with the clouds, snow and the cows tieing everything together with touches of white.

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