9 comments on “Long Way Down

  1. Looks like you’re shooting from a plane! 15 exposures, eh? Your panos are pretty remarkable. I think I’ve asked before, but can you remind me how you put them together?

    • Most important thing is to plan out the panorama image set. I start with a few reference shots to guide me as I assemble the panorama. Then I step through the shooting sequence using the viewfinder, and then I shoot the image set. To build the final image I use Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor) as my first choice. It’s freeware from Microsoft Research. If ICE doesn’t give me good results I use Photoshop Elements in interactive mode – it attempts an initial stitch of the images and then I manually adjust. Once it’s put together I tweak the final image with the Nik tools, mainly Color Efex Pro 4.

  2. Utterly amazing, Mike. I’ve taken a note of your explanation on how you achieved this mosaic panorama – whether I ever try it out is a different matter!

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