22 comments on “Seasons Change

  1. Well, whatever you decide, you do great work, and I know I’m not the only one that looks forward to your next photo! But if you’re taking a break, have a great winter!

  2. Mike, I get your posts through email, so I don’t know if that shows up in your stats. Regardless, I always look forward to your next one. You do amazing work. I know it can be hard to post every day — that’s what I’ve been trying to do this year. Whether you take a break or not, I’ll be waiting for those emails from you. Thanks.

  3. Hi Mike. I’m a recent subscriber and have enjoyed your beautiful photos for the past month or so. I’m also working on a daily photo blog and understand the challenges. I also receive your post via email, so not sure if I’m counted, but just know that there are people out there who admire your work and enjoy seeing a new part of the country each day. Whatever you decide, make yourself happy first!

  4. Your work has been a daily visual respite from the long, super dry Texas summer with no rain or green to be seen for months on end.

    I have vacationed in some of the areas you shoot and your efforts to capture the beauty and wonders of your landscape do not go unappreciated. (I have currently have your lower falls as my screensaver.)

    Thank you sincerely for sharing.

  5. I understand needing a break and living in northern Alberta, Canada I can understand the smaller photography chances in winter but Please don’t stop altogether. I really enjoy your blog even though I don’t always post a comment!

  6. I slow down my rate of posting during the winter, but it depends on what winter activities I get involved in. Your photos are terrific, and I’ll bet you find some winter challenges as well. Sometimes I get to feeling that way too though. It really boils down to your basic motivation for doing a blog.

    • Thanks everyone. I think I need to get myself back to where I was when I started the blog – post when I feel like it, remember that it’s a hobby, not a job, don’t look at the stats too much, and (for the winter) keep in mind that Montana ranks #2 in the USA (just behind Alaska) for number of people who die from the cold in the winter. Get out shooting when I can this winter but don’t be stupid about it. šŸ™‚

      • You’re right, Mike. Posting daily does make it feel like a job, and this should be fun. I hope you get back to that, because I’ve really enjoy your pictures.

  7. Mike, your blog is the first thing I open up every morning. Boy, will I miss seeing your new picture of the day. I had been concerned with the Montana snows coming about you traveling about, so I am actually glad you have thought that through. This might give you the opportunity to stick close to home and take some town shots or even people shots. I really understand how you feel about taking a break and have hopes that it will give you time to reflect on the wonderful photos you have shared with so many people. We have been spoiled daily with your pics and titles (always enjoy your humor), but go enjoy yourself and surprise us “once in a while”. I know for me this will give me time to review the past on here.

  8. I get your emails as well, and actually visit your blog only once a week or so.

    Stats are like popularity polls, and they can be pretty depressing at times (especially when they include those cutesy up & down arrows that compare your performance to last week’s).

    Stats would be important if your ultimate goal was to turn this into a job, but from what I’m reading, that’s not your intent.

    So, in the spirit of fun, let me offer this: Think of this blog as sex. Numbers are only important to prostitutes because it’s their job, and they want to get paid. For the rest of us, what’s important is that one person, that one moment, or that one comment.

    Do you still have that notebook, by the way?

    Have a good winter, my friend!

  9. Mike, I know it can be tough trying to post everyday. When it’s starting to feel like work and the stats are low, it can be somewhat disappointing. However, I really enjoy seeing Montana and the other states through your eyes. Although, I have to say… I missed our photo walks. I hope you will continue to shoot. Maybe you just need to cut back and focus on something else you enjoy doing and as for the stats… it’s only numbers. Just remember the important part is the positive effect your work has on your photography skills and the people who reads your blog. šŸ™‚

  10. Mike, I also get your posts by email, and have to confess that I’m then too lazy to come to your site and leave a comment. Or I don’t have anything intelligent say. But I look at every photo you put up. I think your photography is stunning and I’ve so enjoyed exploring your new home through your eyes. I hope that you don’t stop blogging completely, but that if you do you’ll still have your photographs online somewhere for us to look at.

  11. Don’t lose faith. I sit at my desk everyday and wish I was out taking pics.
    I also look forward to your posts & view through my email only.
    I’m in Australia and love seeing your amazing pics. Keep it up!

  12. I completely understand how you feel Mike. Since my Project365 ended I’ve not been very motivated to take photos just to have something to post. I’m trying to get my business off the ground and have been concentrating on that. I’ll miss your daily posts, but look forward to when you do post! And you’re right…be safe about it. šŸ™‚

  13. Hey Mike…..wanna trade age and winters?….I’m up for it. LOL
    Winters can be a little rough but at the same time they REALLY do afford special opportunities for those of us both used to them AND able to see the beauty of them.
    Tough it out ’cause after all…in the end photography is about what it does to and for YOU.
    If it touches me as well…..lovely but as we used to say in the ‘hippie’ years…different strokes for different folks.
    We don’t all like the same things…..( thank God ) so revel in the passion you have and be thankful that you are ABLE to display your love to others….think for a moment of your parents and how they may have loved photographs but were limited by technology as to who they could share them with.

  14. I think many bloggers ask themselves the question “Why am I doing this?”, especially if stats are low. I like Wayne’s comment above this one: “Revel in the passion you have and be thankful that you are ABLE to display your love to others.” Until this time in human history, few of the voices (and pictures) in all these blogs would have been heard (and seen) by anyone.

    Steve Schwartzman

  15. Mike, I haven’t had a chance to really spend a lot of time looking through your blog, but I do love this picture. I always enjoy the faces that horses make, and this one is classic. I’ll snoop around a bit here. I hope you can keep in mind, hobbies are about enjoyment, don’t make it a job.

  16. Mike, I’d like to thank you for dropping by my site. Don’t be put off by the lull and stats, recharge yourself with the thought that somewhere out there someone is inspired by your photos and made him/her smile that day.

  17. Mike this is my first visit to your blog and it’s truly stunning. I’m signing up and will visit often. I’m a fairly new blogger myself and have only just turned 3000 hits. Yes it brilliant to see the numbers rise but there’s more to it than that, for me it’s mainly about having the courage to put my writing out there and if I had photos like yours I’d be amazingly proud to have created a space like this.

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