10 comments on “Horschach Test

  1. An older guy’s not-so-cool hair cut. You can see his forhead (and widow’s peak), and his eye are starting to peek out from the grass. Cool pic.

    • There is also that giant frog coming out of the swampy water (hill in back) with just his eyes poking out ready to zap your giant spider.

  2. I agree with Karen, although to me it looks more like a cartoon character.
    Looks like they form the top half of a cartoon character’s head. Mop of hair and bushy eyebrows framing huge eyes. Hey, there’s even an ear! Pretty neat!

    I’m curious Mike, did you see whatever you saw before or after you took the photo?

    • When I shot it I thought it was a romantic image – two horses together against the bright water. When I saw the shot later I thought “Wow, that looks like a big spider or a crab”.

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