11 comments on “Judith Gap

    • The school was behind me, and there are a few buildings down the street. Problem was that the parade was started and finished before I could get a second angle on it.

  1. I taught school at the Gap. My daughter works at the wind farm. I loved your photos, esp. with the Snowy Mts. in the background. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing!!! I posted them on facebook too! Such a small world! Yes, the Snowy’s are so beautiful!!

  3. I went to J.G. but I haven’t been back in so long. The pictures brought images to my mind and feelings to my sould I had long forgotten so pardon while I wax. The garage I waited outside while Dad got his pickup back…again. The road leading out to the ranch which was also the road that terrible bus wreck was on. The other roads to the mill where I worked passing once as I passed through, the merchantile that sold comic books for a nickel because they were missing the cover when I was a kid, and finally the school behind you where we learned to open our jackets and sail the ice covered sidewalks on our cowboy boots. Thanks Mike. Well done.

  4. I went to JG in the 70’s. I so wanted to go to the reunion but now live in FL and just couldn’t get away. The station was the Songer’s Exxon Station. The house that is behind you next to the school is the house we lived in. I really loved living in this town. These pictures really bring back great memories.

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