7 comments on “Sticks

  1. Hard to believe that happened only two years ago. He was a big newborn and he just keeps getting bigger! Good aging display, Mike.

    • Sticks will be 2 years old on Memorial Day. I don’t own Sticks, we just shared the ranch property, so he is staying there. I will be moving to Montana next week.

  2. I loved seeing the photo chronicle of Stick’s frist two years of life. I will miss seeing photos of him in your posts! 😦

  3. Wonderful pictures! You may want to check out Montana Outdoors here on wordpress.. Happy Trails to you!

  4. Mike,

    You will be missed here. Your two biggest fans–Annie and Stiks loved your special attention. Thanks for all of the photo memories and for all your tech help. I want to see all those cool Montana shots, once you get settled!

    The photo log was so memorable! Safe travels!


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