17 comments on “Montana

  1. I love Montana and am sure you will. Spent lots of time on horseback (of course) and had some real adventures in Eastern Montana. You will love the diversity in scenery between the two sides of the state. Congratulations Mike!

  2. Congrats on the new job; and wishing you a safe move!

    From the looks of it, the photos of ‘the area where you’ll be living.” it seems like you and the horses and barn cats and the native animals might just be the only living things around.

    For the record, the first shot is my favorite.

    • Thanks. There is a small city nearby – I wanted to post a few shots of the surrounding country. The horses and cats stay at the ranch near Seattle – I was just renting a guest house / apartment there.

    • After moving 700 cows over 7 days we got to “hit” town for a shower and a cold beer. I didn’t drink beer, but since the town (population 3) didn’t have chardonnay, I enjoyed my first beer. My point? Even as small as the town is/was, we had a great time with their great hospitality!

      • Helena isn’t quite that small, but I am looking forward to living in an area a little less populated than Seattle.

  3. Fantastic! Congrats Mike on your new job. Though, I’m very happy for your new adventure but… also feel sad because I will miss you and our photo walks. 😦

    Drove through Helena a couple of times. Looks like an interesting town. Beautiful scenery… looking forward to seeing photos of your new home.

    • Thanks Em. I will miss you and the photo walks as well. You never know – maybe we will split the difference and do a meet up in central Washington one of these days.

  4. Good luck with your new job. As a Fifth Generation Montanan, it’s been hard for me to welcome the amazing influx of non-natives. However, I feel like it is good to have diversity in Monana. Hopefully the memories of the natives, of all ethnicity, will continue to flavor our state. I feel like a Dinosaur, hence my name. Looking forward to sharing as much of my memories, and knowledge of my Nation/State on my blog. Your Montana Outlook.

    • I understand what you’re saying. When I grew up in Florida we had an unofficial saying – “Thanks for visiting. Now go away.” I plan to explore and learn about the state and embrace it. I will be following your blog.

      • Gads! I love native Floridians, they are so much like Montanans, it’s hysterical. You all, look at us all, (tourists), like we all, look at all they all, (interlopers and disturbers of of fishing holes)! Lol, I’m not exactly hitting on all my cylinders, tonight, hope that DOESN’T make sense! Welcome again, Florida/Seattle guy!

  5. I was born in Helena. Raised in Lincoln, 50 miles north of Helena. You will get a lot more sun than we do in my area. As you know, the scenery is great. Fishing at Canyon Ferry and Holter/Hauser Lakes is just a short drive from Helena. There are lots of fish….big Trout, Walleye. I love to fish Holter. My Dad used to take the train from Great Falls, had the crew drop him off at Holter, caught all the fish he wanted and paid for his train ride in fish!

  6. I’ll miss Sticks!

    One step closer to Texas, lol. You’re taking the scenic route, right?

    Looking forward to seeing Montana through your photo lens.

    Have a good move, my friend.

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