17 comments on “Eagle Flyby

      • Mike and Joyce live on Fidalgo Bay Road, I love your images of the area, would you mind if I added a few to a post I just made about the Earth, and this area? of course with proper link backs and credit to you. btw, do you live here? I noticed it seems as if you’re traveling all around. fyi, I’ve already tweeted your blog out /posted it, I’ve got a few followers on twitter and g+, fb, also a special network of photographers on g+ you might really enjoy. Great people.

      • I’m OK with you sharing, appreciate the links and credit. I did live in the Seattle area for about 10 years, moved to Montana a year ago. I’d like some details on the g+ group, you can leave it here or email me.

      • It’s an international circle (private, or by invitation) of about 180 or so photographers..did you hear about the book g+ put out last year? this group. 🙂 They are just wonderful people. Really into just helping each other. With knowledge, support, even in some cases helping each other with equipment. And they share their photo’s all the time, some who have the time are doing a 365 day Post 1 photo each day. Many are using different screens/methods on their photos taking them into the graphic design field. Incredible, helpful, wonderful people. Not a bad/not nice person in the bunch. That’s about it. to tell, it’s not a public circle, so I don’t know what else to tell you. Everyone’s goal is, if they are currently not a professional – selling their photo’s- then they want to become one. So they all work on refining their skills, and at their level, many you get a ton of advice or help when ever requested!! You can look for me on g+ and then just let me know you want to be in it. I’m in it because I actually started one of the circles thinking I would have time to do photographs.. HA, but I sure love looking at everything they do. So they keep me around most of the time lolol. But just let me know, or let me know your google ID and i’ll add you to it, and introduce you around. If you don’t like it, or don’t feel you fit, no big deal, just say thanks for the experience, but it’s not for me, and wish everyone peace on their journeys! 🙂

        Thank you very much for the approval to use your photos. I will be glad to not only give you the linkbacks but also to give you tweets about your photo’s you sell. most of the people I know use Fine Art America? And they are selling allot because they are always running different contest and there is so much for people to look at, it’s the Etsy of a Finner Art. 🙂 ( And it’s only $35.00 a year) Ok, bye now. if you have any question, just give me ahollar. and peace to you on your journey too!!

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