7 comments on “Cathlamet Departing

  1. wonderful, the ‘white water’ because of the ship corresponding with the city and again with the snowy peaks and clouds above and framed.

  2. what a great shot! i love that there are so many different ‘textures’ in this photo: the white, bubbly water from the boat; the slick smooth surface of the water; the industrial metal of the boat and the dock (I think it’s a dock, anyway), and the rugged mountains; and the big, billowy clouds. It’s a simple shot, yet there are so many things to look at and see! Very nice!

    • Thanks – that’s what I like about this park. Nice views of Puget Sound, and right next to the ferry terminal. Always something interesting to photograph.

    • Thanks. If you look closely at the horizon line you can see the aircraft carrier that recently arrived at the naval base. Need to try to find a place to get a closer shot of it.

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