9 comments on “Supermoon (full)

  1. The photo is great! And we had very cloudy day yesterday and today too in Kiev, Ukraine, so we couldn’t see it although a couple of days ago the sky was clear and the moon was beautiful:)

  2. Did you take it from the same angle as the previous shot? Comparing this with your previous shot shows that the moon rotated (or we did) – unless I’m mistaken.

    • The previous shot was done around 9pm with the moon low in the sky, and the newer shot was done around 2am with the moon at its highest point in the sky, so that’s my best guess as to why they are different.

  3. I know you were anticipating clouds last night, but by doing your Supermoon (almost) post you not only had a great title, but you were way ahead of everybody else!

    I see that not only is your full version tilted differently to the previous one, but ours in the South Hemisphere is the other way around. I was just comparing the pattern of craters etc. Which I suppose makes sense.

  4. Wow, great shot! It was rather cloudy down here in Oregon 😦 Thanks for sharing and letting us (or at least me) see the supermoon vicariously!

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