18 comments on “The Saddest Barn in the World

  1. You should come to Arkansas. tons of old falling, almost to the ground barns here. I will look to post some pics soon. Excellent photo!

    Blessings, Kevin

  2. I too love buildings on their way out. Years ago we lived on an old farmstead. Several of the buildings were waging a losing battle with the frighteningly robust varieties of non-native blackberry that grow in the Pacific Northwest. One evening we arrived home from work, drove up the driveway…and both looked around feeling like something was different; but we couldn’t quite put our finger on it. Finally! The old clapboard garage that had been truly fighting a valiant battle, finally collapsed while we were gone that day. In the morning it had still been “standing”, but late in the afternoon…gravity and the blackberries had finally won. You would have loved it. Thanks for the wonderful photo.

  3. I love your pictures of Sticks, but I think this may be my favorite of your photos.

    Don’t forget about us Mike, now that you’ve been freshly pressed!!! 🙂 I’ll miss you all tomorrow.

    • Thanks Jolene. We will miss you tomorrow. I’ll make you a deal – I will try not to let Freshly Pressed go to my head, if you can try to subject yourself to a plain old Northwest photo walk after you return from your adventure in Ireland. 🙂

  4. Don’t laugh. Barn implosions are a real problem in the midwest.

    Something to do with certain difficult Square Dance patterns that lead to overconsumption of oxygen in insulated buildings, which creates a vacuum.

  5. Love the angles of the barn, Mike. I too am so sad to see old barns go. Brings images of “How the West Was Won” and now is fading away. Where was this?

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