13 comments on “Fun with Panoramas – Wenatchee River

  1. That’s a great panorama. Nice exposure blending and well shot. Love the silky smooth water and its crystal clear reflection of the surrounding landscape. Stunning place.

  2. I agree with your thought on the lightbox (obviously as I do the same)! Great job on stitching together the images, what program do you use? Love the reflections in the lake, you are getting rather good at pano’s!

  3. I didn’t know PSE9 did panoramas. I wouldn’t have guessed it could produce such seamless results. Nice composition – I agree with the first comment, the water (and the reflection) looks great.

  4. I don’t know anything about photography other than the photos that really catch my attention and I enjoy looking at them immensely. This picture is another of your WOW photos!

  5. Beautiful capture of the reflection in the lake. You did an excellent job combining the images Mike. The only thing that I might do is to change the white balance a little so that it looks more blue to give the cold snowy feel.

  6. This is wonderfull !
    I live in france and this is so beautifull
    and excellent job of course 🙂

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