18 comments on “In the Clouds

  1. Wow again Mike. I agree, the with the above reply. The way you lined up the shot is incredible. Love this picture.

  2. Also, I love the way the clouds are letting the grandeur of the mountain peek through. I am in awe.

  3. Fantastic pov and composition. I like the how you include the house/barn and position it towards the edge. It gives a really good impression the size of the mountain and trees. Amazing clouds! Well done Mike. 🙂

  4. Wow! That’s truly amazing! Was it that spectacular looking in colour, or is it the black and white giving it that power? Did you ever see the movie ‘night of the demon’ (an old black and white one based on Casting the Runes, I think), it reminds me of that…

    • The color image was also good but had a different feel to it. The farm field was yellow and sun off to the left of the frame gave a very ghostly illumination to the clouds – to me it looked like a scene from an alien planet (with a farm on it).

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  6. Great photo! I saw a similar scene on my morning walk the other day, but didn’t have a camera with me. Then again I don’t have the talent to take a photo like this, so I’ll just look at yours! 🙂

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