6 comments on “A Moment in Seattle

  1. Interesting juxtapositions here. In the first one there’s the girl giving the thumbs up sign in front of the protest, then in the second one there’s the homeless man sitting there like nothing’s happening. It doesn’t seem like either belong, yet they do, and they make for two great shots!

  2. Funny, I got an image of the fella trying to eat as well as the tourist (my tourist shot was a little OOF so don’t know if I will post it yet…). Don’t feel bad Mike, my protest shots were wide as well. 😀

  3. I got the same shot of the woman holding the sign and yet, I don’t remember seeing the homeless guy. It’s very interesting what we focused on shooting the same scene. I’ll post my protest shots tomorrow.

  4. Mike, I enjoyed seeing the four different photo styles from your photo walk with the others. What a great idea to do. I like that you captured something that definitely tells a story, especially the last one.

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