10 comments on “Forest Road

  1. Nice. Looks like a wonderfully scenic place to visit.

    Must admit that I much prefer monochromatic HDR to that of colour HDR – I often (but not always) find these images too saturated, a little over processed and strangely unreal (often reminding me of video game environments). But the effect seems much subtler in monochrome – bringing out the fine details and textures of the shadow/dark areas while maintaining contrast without clipping the highlights.

    • It is a great place to explore. I overdid it when I first experimented with HDR and ended up with shots that looked like cartoons – now, color and B&W, I generally do exposure fusion with a few small tweaks to bring out detail. For good HDR I think less is more.

      • I think that’s the best way forward with HDR. The most important aspect of any image is the actual composition. Processing techniques such as HDR should be used to complement this, not supplant it.

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