7 comments on “Lighthouse

  1. These are very nice shots of the light house. It’s funny that I live so close and go there all the time and yet, I never bothered to walk around the light house to see the buildings. Thanks to your photos, I’ll have to make a point to do that next time. 🙂

    • Thanks. If you go all the way down the path behind the lighthouse there’s a spot that gives a good angle on the ferries and Mount Baker.

  2. There’s a lighthouse in Mukilteo? Nice shots Mike, I really like the first one. I have always wanted to get lighthouse photos, perhaps this will be my first one…hmmm, perhaps some road trips to the coast this summer, hhmmm.

    • Yes – I was using a Nikon circular polarizer filter. Definitely helped on that day – with the sun low in the sky and some glare coming from the water.

  3. Beautiful photographs of the lighthouse!!
    Well done Mike.
    I love lighthouses – at night I can see the light of a lighthouse across the bay from where I live. 🙂

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