6 comments on “Crescent Moon

    • Photomatix:
      Pro – good set of controls, lots of fine tuning available. Easy export / import with Lightroom.
      Con – can’t manually align exposures, result you see in Photomatix while you are adjusting isn’t exactly like the final image that the package produces.

      Overall it’s a good package but I may look for a better one.

  1. Great image and nice blending of two exposures. Photomatix is great little tool. I just wish my camera (Nikon D40) had an exposure bracketing function for convenience.

    The Photomatix Photoshop plugin is also pretty useful for single exposures.

    • Thanks – auto exposure bracketing is very nice if you want to play with HDR. I use it together with constant shooting mode so I can pop off 3 frames with good alignment without needing a tripod.

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