14 comments on “Seagull in the Sun

    • Thanks – I do like taking photos of critters and they seem to do interesting things around me sometimes. The only thing I did to that picture was cropping. I think I didn’t get flare because I was shooting directly at the sun (not recommended) and I had a circular polarizer filter on the lens.

    • Thanks. I was originally trying to shoot some ducks on the water and this guy started flying circles around me. It took me a few minutes, and getting a bit dizzy from turning to follow him, but I finally got the shot. 🙂

  1. This photo is amazing,it’s exactly that, you wish you could fly. I arrived on your blog looking for a picture of a seagull in the sun and your photo got me from the very beginning.I chose it for a post on one of my blogs, I linked to it as the source of photo, it will show up in a few days as it is scheduled. But this is how I discovered your blog , glad I did 😉

    • Thanks, and welcome! I wish I could say that I planned that shot. I was shooting some gulls further out on the water, and this one flew by a few feet over my head. I fired off a few frames and hoped for the best.

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