8 comments on “Moon Shot – HDR

  1. Did PhotoMatix compensate for the movement of the moon across the sky. I hate to say this but it looks a little blurred to me

    • Photomatix does a pretty good job of merging multiple images and compensating for objects in the images being in slightly different positions in each shot. In this case the blurry is probably more a factor of wind acting on the camera and tripod – I shot that picture through a gap in the clouds as a storm was passing and the wind was gusting while I was shooting. I’m happy with the result.

    • Thanks. We’re supposed to have some clear nights here in the coming week, so hopefully I can keep practicing my night shooting. I’m really enjoying the challenge of it.

  2. It’s a challenge alright. I’ve just done some moon-shots (not hdr) that I need for some art work. I kept messing it up and in the end I stuck the camera on auto.

    • eyegillian – it’s true, as I learn more about HDR I probably could have gotten this shot without it. I’m still figuring out camera settings and methods for good night sky shooting. I think the advantage of HDR in this case was that it let me combine 3 shots, none of which looked right, into an image that I liked.

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